Agile is mindset!

Enterprises approaching the modern world of (digital) product development often face similar issues. Changing the way we want to develop products means we need to change our perspective on every part of a business. We can do this, by building up the agile mindset from within your enterprise:

Enabling your employees, while gaining all the benefits that the agile world brings.

Agile is mindset – A picture taken while giving a coaching within my agency.

Requirements Engineering is the key

Complexity is one of the biggest challenges within the development of digital products. Data-driven functionalities, international teams, departed software architectures on scalable cloud platforms and many more aspects that have to be considered, merge in a requirements gathering process that is often hard to handle.

As a requirements engineer at a lot of projects I was involved with, I developed methods to approach the diversificated requirements management, which is required for certain projects. Especially the analysis of problematic project situations and their environment and the support for struggling teams were successful parts of my work in the past.

Right tools for the right products – A picture showing my workshop toolbox, full of sharpies and post-its.

Searching the "perfect" pattern

Yet alone the frequency of change within the digital product development necessitates an ongoing evaluation of processes, methods and approaches within every team. Nevertheless you may experience consultants marking their approaches as the "perfect" pattern to address the development of every product, while in fact there is no such thing as the "perfect" and universal way to go.

Every product is unique, so are the requirements for its development. – Let's find the right answers to your specific issues. Modern workshops and innovative methodologies can help with that.

Find the 'perfect' pattern is hard – As the picture illustrates by showing me digging for vinyl in Edinburgh.


My work as Head of Product Strategy

ORBIT is the creative hub of digital unicorns in Hamburg: Driven, dedicated and a wild set of dicsiplines. We like to think of ourselves as battleproof partner of the german industry, while it is going through the process of digital transformation. Founded by the creators of "MyTaxi", "Car2Go" and other highly transformating products, we combine the very strategic approach of deeply investigating the digital business potentials of our clients, with a strong focus on interdisciplinary, lean and agile product development.

If you are interested not only in consulting, but a solid strategic approach for the success of your product development, get in touch with us.

Current Workshops and Keynotes

Main focus of my consulting service is the dedicated analysis of specific business environments, pointing out action items, tools and methodologies to improve all kinds of process and product areas. However, if you already have a strong indication on where you would like to focus your efforts, this directory of workshops and keynotes I did in the recent past could be a place to find the right match for you.

Agile Enterprise

Agile is mindset!
This applies to every part of a business. Enabling agile product development within an enterprise environment. How to plan, control, estimate, evaluate projects and results, our investments and management processes?

Agile Methodology

What does it mean to have an agile product development? How does SCRUM or KANBAN work? What is LESS or Nexus? Which tools can be used to improve the introduction of such processes? How do we scale teams or team-structures within these methodologies?

Agile Development

The requirements for agile-enabled development teams, changed quite remarkably. The technical foundation is as important as the deployment and integration strategies of the team, especially if a team needs to develop short-term product increments.

Interdisciplinary Workflow

Building up product development within your company strongly counts on the ability to set up interdisciplinary teams, which brings as well benefits as complex challenges in communication methodology and tooling.

Design Studio

The design studio is a workshop methodology based on the idea that you could shrink all concept-design and design phases together by having everything in one place. Directly, Collaboratively, interdisciplinary and personal, while creating a shared ownership with the client on the designs.

Design Sprints

The design sprint is a methodology to answer business challenges by designing, prototyping and testing with users within only five days. It can greatly intensify the foucs on strategy and innovational aspects of a product and create rapid results that can help proving a business case without a big invest.

Sketch App

For years we were bound to the use of photography or layout software to create digital products. Sketch is finally a dedicated tool for digital design, nothing less then a revolution for digital design.


InVision is the ultimate prototyping and design feedback tool. Get feedback directly marked on certain design aspects and create rapid fast prototypes for real test devices, including complex paths and real user tests with video surveillance and click-tracking.


Zeplin reduces the scope of additional requests by developers to the design department in a massive way. Assets, Colors, Text Styles, Styleguides, Measurements and a lot more are generated on the fly out of design files.

Atlassian Suite

The atlassian suite, mainly driven by JIRA, Confluence and HipChat is one of the strongest players on the market of team management software, enabling agile product development teams with their tools. Finding the most suitable approach with the most suitable tool is as complex as the tools itself.

Design Systems
& Atomic Design

Alignment regarding design specifications is a challenge. Especially within distributed, international enterprises. Using concepts like atomic design to specify cascading components instead of just aspects of design requirements can be a valid approach to solve the needs of designers and developers as well.

Work Hacks & XP

XP (Extreme Programming) is a set of small and easy to implement methodologies to improve the daily work of developers. Quite reasonably there are also similar work hacks for all kind of roles of interdisciplinary teams.

My profile picture

Maximilian Kornelius Schneider-Ludorff

Head of Product Strategy, ORBIT, Hamburg

Product developer, entrepreneur and event manager by heart.

After my degree course in “Media Computer Science” and the founding of – or contribution to – multiple start-ups and projects, followed by a dedicated activity as head of development, requirements engineer and innovation manager I am seeking the next step in my personal development as (agile) innovation coach and speaker, besides my position as Head of Product Strategy of the ORBIT.

I am especially skilled in the interdisciplinary field of agile web-, IT- and eventmanagement throughout a swifting focus on user-centered concepts as well as innovative and modern technologies due to very various project specifications and roles. Project-wise, I gained experience working in agile teams of 5-20 people – most of the time in leading positions.

Upcoming Events

  • Caused by the corona crisis i cancelled all recent speaker dates.
    I will update this section as soon as there is new information.

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